Full finding service


Finding you the perfect car

For this service I charge £950. I ask for £500 up front which will get me actively looking for you, with the remaining £450 to be paid once we’ve found the perfect car. We require details such as your maximum budget and a brief overview of the specification that you require, favourite interior and exterior colours, engine size and any required optional extras. I will then start searching and calling owners of potential cars and talk to them at length about the vehicle, gathering as much information about it as possible. Once I am confident about a car and the owner I will then travel to see the vehicle for myself. I will only recommend a car to you if I am happy with the inspection. If I have any serious concerns about the car I will walk away.

I will look at as many cars as possible to find the perfect vehicle and then draw up a short list for you. Once you have decided on the car I will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price possible. I always aim to get you the very best quality car within your specified budget.

Being involved in the used TVR, Lotus and Porsche market I have a lot of experience of what the cars’ current values and will make sure you pay a fair price. Prices can vary significantly depending on condition, specification, age, mileage plus level of desirability: all of these factors determine a car’s value. I take out the emotional part of purchasing any vehicle as the car is not going to end up in my garage and so it is my job to get you the best car for the best price.

Before committing to buy a car some customers may wish to go and view the vehicle themselves, this is not a problem. A lot of the time due to the long distances involved many customers rely on my full verbal descriptions and opinions of the car.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that the vehicle will be free of any mechanical problems that develop immediately following my inspection due to the fact that it is purely visual and does not involve the stripping down of any components to access internal wear or the corrosion levels of the internal areas of the chassis steelwork.




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